Read, Debate: Engage.
Read, Debate: Engage.
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About Fairplanet


FairPlanet is concerned with human rights issues and the way we, as humans, are treating our planet and its inhabitants.

We publish relevant independent journalism on human rights and our natural habitat, support journalists, humanitarian projects, activists and involve our readers from all over the world for a good cause.

FairPlanet is a global philanthropic, social entrepreneurial initiative and independent publishing platform. 

We are a globally operating non-proft organisation registered in Berlin with editorial offices in Berlin and London.


FairPlanet is a non-profit journalistic platform and organisation, which has set itself the goal of providing humanism a voice in this world. Our understanding of humanism is based on the optimistic appraisal of people’s ability to discover a better way of living.

FairPlanet sees its role as being in the service of the dignity and rights of all people and creatures that share this planet. We see fairness as the key to a more just world, which also includes respecting our natural habitat - Planet Earth itself.

In order to achieve this goal, the ethical treatment of all people and institutional actors is needed. For this, they need substantial and independent information, especially from the perspective of other stakeholders, so that attitudes and actions can be morally and ethically developed. That is why Fairplanet uses and promotes independent journalism, which normally focuses on local issues, which are then contextualised and their impact explained.

FairPlanet also wants to go beyond just reporting and contribute to the improvement of the lives of people and other living beings, and the wider habitat, through constructive journalism and active project work. Our campaigns and cooperation work not only appeal to the sense of responsibility on the part of individuals, the international community and its stakeholders, we also call on and encourage their engagement with building a fairer planet.


READ, Introduces EDITORS’ PICKS for a quick and daily read be it on your computers, tablets or mobile devices. STORIES provide further background for a weekly read.

Our content categories are divided into HUMANS, NATURE, ECONOMY, TECHNOLOGY and ARTS without strictly separating them, because in our perspective related  issues are intertwined in most cases. 

DEBATE: Offers DOSSIERS published as longforms for a monthly online and offline debate about global humanitarian issues.

ENGAGE. Enhances our global network of young as well as established journalists. We ask your support, so that the younger ones receive access to publishing. Some of them report locally from regions where repression is a predominant threat to the freedom of speech.

As one of the first publications
we implemented crowd funded stories directly on our site, and thus support journalists who work with us. In particular we support journalists who write as local voice from their region. 

If you wish to support independent journalism please visit our crowdfunding section 

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